My Firefox Extensions

Since I need to reinstall all my Firefox extensions due to a hard drive failure, I’ve decided to make a list:

  • firefox extension: A great addition to bookmarks. It hasn’t managed to replace them completely for me, but pretty much anything that would have landed deeper than one folder in my bookmarks menu now goes into
  • Web Developer Extension: Building websites without this extension is like driving a car without tires.
  • Google Toolbar: First thing I do is hide everything except spellcheck and the form filling plugin. Those two functions make installing this worthwhile. I expect FF 2.0 to render the spellcheck redundant
  • Google Broswer Sync: Keeps the bookmarks which are not in up to date on my different computers. Also works great as a browser backup utility.
  • Forecastfox: because it’s nice to always know what the weather will be like tomorrow
  • Adblock: The ads that slow down my dual core system get blocked. Ads should never be allowed to use so much processing power that I can notice it.