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My Tivo Twitters

September 22nd, 2009 Comments off

I wrote a short script that sends a Tweet whenver my Tivo HD starts recording a show. You can download it below. It runs best on a Linux computer that can constantly poll the Tivo.

Download: script


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365 Days of Uptime on a Linksys router

July 8th, 2009 2 comments

I passed 365 days of uptime on my Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 router. It’s running DD-WRT firmware, and sits on a large APC UPS. Total data transfer on the router’s WAN port is reported at 1,570,619 MB down/ 79,832 MB up.


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iPod Mini Disassembly

January 13th, 2007 Comments off

My poor iPod Mini’s hard drive died a couple days ago, which left me without a means to play MP3s while walking around. Since I haven’t yet purchased a headphone adapter for my phone, I started googling and discovered I would be able to replace the dead hard drive with a standard compactflash card. I couldn’t wait for the card to arrive before taking it apart.

ipod mini


My 4 GB compactflash card arrived, I installed it in my iPod mini, crossed my fingers that I plugged it in correctly (top of the cf card faces away from the circuit board), and reassembled the thing. That was it, I plugged it into my computer and it after running the “restore” from iTunes it works! I now have a flash memory iPod mini :D

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