RAID Redone

Found a 300 GB Seagate IDE drive yesterday at a decent price at Circuity City. It will become my new USB backup drive, my current 200 GB USB backup drive will move into my RAID array (losing 80GB in the process), and the current 120 GB drive in the array is being trashed, since its 3 year warranty expired January 8th (21 days ago).

Everything in the raid recovery went well, I shutdown the system, swapped disks, and started back up. After several hours of rebuilding, the array is running again in normal mode and all data is still intact.

Fun with RAID

Woke up this morning to find this in my inbox:


WARNING: Some disks in your RAID arrays seem to have failed!
Below is the content of /proc/mdstat:

Personalities : [linear] [raid0] [raid1] [raid5]
md0 : active raid5 sdg1[6] sdf1[5] sde1[4] sdd1[3] sdc1[2] sdb1[7](F) sda1[0]
703121664 blocks level 5, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [7/6] [U_UUUUU]

unused devices:


Which means I get to buy a new hard drive today since everything in my RAID is out of warranty, and I don’t have any spare drives at the moment. I’ll be looking for something with a decent warranty and a big trunk.

Rails on Lighttpd with Apache!

After struggling all day yesterday, I finally got my typo installs going on Lighttpd with Apache passthough. I think it was the virtual server aspect that kept messing me up, but after 4 hours yesterday, I somehow got it going after 30 seconds of work this morning.

Typo feels much faster now than when it was running on plain Apache2 + FCGI.

new hdd

Picked up a 300 GB SATA Seagate w/16MB Cache hard drive at Frys today for a really nice price (even better after the MIR). It took 75 minutes to copy the 160 GB on my current drive to the new one, and my comp is smoother now. Gotta figure out what to do with my 250 GB SATA now, I’ll probably hold on to it and rebuild my raid array with it, to replace the current 7x120GB.

After that was at Circuit City waiting for Christina to return some stuff and saw that the laptops were picking up some rogue wifi signal (linksys + att dsl) so I downloaded and installed firefox on a couple of them. Then I opened up reviews of the current model in FF and left it open. One got 5/10 at cnet, which is quite a feat.

nokia 770

This is my first post from my nokia 770 internet tablet. This thing has not stopped impressing me since I got it. I have previously owned a palm m100 and a dell axiom w/wifi, but neither come anywhere close to what this thing can do.

So far I have installed openssh, xterm, vncviewer, vim, doom, xchat, gaim, and bash. I briefly tried the built in email app, but ditched it in favor of webmail, which looks so much nicer. All my pim stuff is already done on the web, so the 770 just makes it easier for me to access it. My only issue is that I don’t know how to add stuff to from it.


The LiveCD List made the front page of Digg again today. Someone made a comment that I may be the most duped Digg, which is pretty cool. Maybe I can get up again for that :)

today was a fun day

Woke up this morning to my server being partially down. My store was still up, hooray for flat html and apache, but everything else was down. I had to request a reboot. After 330 days of uptime and upgrading every package on the machine several times, including the kernel, it was probably time. Culprit of the semi-crash appeared to be filesystem corruption, which appeared to be fixed while it restarted.

Then, while driving home from work, I was rear ended. Nothing big, just some person driving 5 mph hit my rear bumper as I waited to make a right turn. It’s all scratched up now, so that sucks. I have to clear up the rest of the mess tomorrow. It’s too dark to see the damage right now.

Top 10 Television Shows of 2005

Inspired by Time’s “Best of 2005: Television” I’m doing my own top 10 list.

1. Firefly
A good story, good characters, entertaining episodes. Why did they have to kill it?

2. Battlestar Galactica
The internal conflicts are what draw me to this show. Good thing there are a lot of them.

3. Veronica Mars
There’s an episode where Ubuntu and LiveCDs get a mention. Plus the main character is intelligent and has a strong will. But mainly it’s a fun show to watch (even with all the sad flashbacks)

4. Family Guy
They brought it back, and they managed to keep a lot of what made it funny in the first place.

5. The Office (UK version)
Thought this was a good show, I got it on Netflix. Probably need to work for a little while to fully appreciate this show.

6. My Name is Earl
I keep missing these episodes, I think they conflict with other shows and my tivo misses them. The ones I have seen have been original.

7. The Daily Show
I’m starting to get tired of the interviews, I think I has to do with the new set. Reading the news is still just as funny.

8. Harvey Birdman
I’ve seen all of these twice, and now I’m waiting for new episodes. Employee benefits: recycled oxygen, toilet paper, …

9. The Simpsons
New episodes seem to be hit or miss.

10. The Apprentice
Something about watching driven people compete against each other appeals to me. Even if it’s not in my field.

wordpress upgrade

Just upgraded all my WordPress blogs to version 2.0. It was, as usual, way too simple. Just upload new files, run the upgrade script, and it works. It took me longer to read the instructions than actually perform the upgrade on 3 sites.